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Professional consultation

Tell us about your problems, your desires, and how you imagine the person next to you, and we will find the most suitable mate for you.

regardless of gender

We will find your partner whether you are looking for a person of the opposite or the same gender. It has no matter.

certified matchmaking

Our specialists are certified in the field of identifying similarities between two people from a licensed American university.

guaranteed confidentiality

We value the personal privacy. We guarantee 100% confidentiality while working on a case.

organizing meetings

In addition to finding a suitable person, we will organize your first meeting with him or her so you can focus on what matters the most.

Desired partner

If you already have an object of your desires, but you do not know how to approach, we will help you with 100% proven techniques and methods.


You want your ex partner back? We can help you through tried-and-tested methods to bring back his attention on you.

specific situations

In situations where you need our support outside the workplace, we will be there to help you.

challenges in modern relationships

You’ve tried to meet new people in different ways, including apps, but the whole process has made you feel awkward or hopeless. The people you date are not the ones you are looking for. But time passes and you begin to ask:

Nowadays, everyone is looking for quick snapshots and formal meetings?

My expectations for people are too unrealistic or I listen to my friends too much?

Is there anything wrong with me and why I am not able to meet the right person?

Will I ever find a person with whom I will live for and love each other for the rest of my life?

we are here
to help you

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my story

about me

There is no greater happiness than holding in your arms the one you dream of in the morning and in the evening. Imagine that it is in the morning, preparing coffee and breakfast for our love. The feeling is that magic that makes us feel alive and feel the life in our veins.

True love is a rare phenomenon. It is a “blessing” specially sent by the supreme to revive us, to feel the air cleaner, the sky more blue and the dessert sweeter. 

Here I can help to find the ” True Love”. My personal story has been soaked with a lot of happiness, but also with a lot of pain. The love wounds from the ex-partners are overwhelming. Or this is an illusion that can dissapear?

The power of possitive thinking is over-discussed, but in some cases it can heal. I strongly hope and believe you will trust me and we will be able to deal with the LOVE together.

Sincerely, Goldie. 
I expect you.



Cozy atmosphere that will make you feel comfortable. We are in Sofia – in front of the Russian Church.

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